Basic Information

Composed by Michael Story
Published by Belwin
Grade 1.5
Length: 2 minutes 11 seconds

Teaching Concepts

Time Signature: 4/4
Key Signature: Bb
Tempo:Quarter note = 84, 124
Other Information: This piece is filled with the opportunity to work on differentiating articulation markings with a young group. In measure one alone there are slurs, staccato and accent marks. They key signature is a good opportunity to get students out of their comfort zone of Eb. With so many people on the bass line, and a melody made up of many different layers Labyrinth is a great opportunity to work on balance within the ensemble.

Program Notes

In Greek mythology, the labyrinth was a deviously intricate maze constructed by the great architect Daedalus to house the Minotaur. This creature, half man and half bull, would eat fourteen Athenian children every nine years as part of an agreement between King Aegeus of Athens and King Minos of Crete.

Theseus, son of King Aegeus, traveled to Crete to save the children and kill the Minotaur. With the help of Minos' daughter, Princess Ariadne, Theseus entered the labyrinth with a ball of string and a sword. Tying the string at the entrance and unrolling it behind him so he could find his way out, Theseus found the Minotaur at the center of the maze and killed him.

Small School Considerations

The scoring of this piece will make it very playable by a small, young band. The bass line is covered by the bass clarinet, bassoon, tenor sax, baritone sax, trombone, baritone and tuba. The melody is most often handled by flute, clarinet and trumpet sections. The altos and horns play together through the entirety of the song.


Bb Clarinet
Bb Bass Clarinet
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone
Mallet Percussion
Percussion 1, 2, 3

Percussion Requirements and Possible Substitutions

Bass Drum
Snare Drum
Wind Chimes
Suspended Cymbal

Ideally, this part will be covered by 5 - 6 players. The tom-tom and snare drum can be covered by the same player. If you do not have a tom-tom you could instead use the snare with the snares off. Also, if you had an extra snare drum you could tune it lower to achieve the desired result. The percussion three part might be able to be covered by one player who would be comfortable playing two instruments at one time. The part is mainly the suspended cymbal punctuated with gong hits. If you do not have gong, consider using a larger suspended cymbal instead.

Link to Available Recording

A recording is available at Alfred's website.


Labyrinth at Alfred's website.
Labyrinth at
Score to Labyrinth