Basic Information

Composed by Larry Daehn
Published by Daehn Publications
Grade 1
Length: 3 minutes

Teaching Concepts

Time Signature: 3/4
Key Signature: Eb, Bb
Tempo: Quarter note = 72
Other Information: Larry Daehn wrote this piece specifically for a middle school band, and as such had certain teaching concepts in mind as he wrote it. In the front cover of the score he writes:

A Song for Friends is a fine piece for introducing and discussing:
  • melody
  • accompaniment
  • musical phrase
  • slur
  • dynamics
  • breath support
  • ABA form

... and it can be used as the band's daily warm-up selection.

Program Notes

Song for Friends is a piece written especially for seventh and eighth grade bands. The modest instrumental ranges and easy phrasing allow the individual players the opportunity to produce their finest quality tone. Furthermore, the relatively short length of the work will help retain the focus of younger students in rehearsal as well as provide the option of using the work as a part of the daily warm-up routine. The compositional style and aesthetics of Song for Friends can best be compared with another composition by the same composer, As Summer Was Just Beginning. The melodic phrasing, legato style, contrary motion between the melody and counter-melody, and extensive use of softer dynamics provides younger students with a solid foundation for the more difficult music they will encounter later in their musical development.

Small School Considerations

Like much of Larry Daehn's music, the scoring is such that it will work for just about any size ensemble. There are two sections that you might need to look over, depending on the instrumentation of your ensemble. First, the opening melody is played in the clarinet, tenor sax and horn. If your band doesn't have a tenor sax or a horn, the clarinets might have trouble coming through the tied dotted half notes played in the bass line and dotted half note in the alto saxophone.

At measure 18, the clarinet has a counter melody which might have trouble being heard over the dotted half notes being played by the rest of the band. This can probably be solved with careful balance.


Bb Clarinet 1, 2
Bb Bass Clarinet
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone

Percussion Requirements and Possible Substitutions

Suspended Cymbal

Two players will be able to cover these parts without a problem.

Link to Available Recording

A recording of the piece can be found here.


Score for Song for Friends
Teaching Music through Performance in Beginning Band