The Purpose of the Literature for Small Band Wiki

Many new band directors leave college with a great deal of knowledge about the master works of band literature, but very little information about what music is out there for small band. This wiki aims to help band directors of these small groups find quality literature for their band to play, and ways to make that literature work for their group. Additionally, the wiki has general information on instrument substitutions for both wind and percussion instruments.

The Process of Choosing the Literature on this Site

The author of this website consulted with band directors from around the country who had found success instructing bands at many different levels. Additionally, the author combed through state contest and festival lists from around the country looking for pieces that appear frequently. After finding the pieces, the score of each was studied to find if and how pieces might need to be altered to fit the needs of small bands and those with limited instrumentation.

When looking at the pieces, certain assumptions about instrumentation were made. The author assumed that bands would have at least the following instrumentation:

2 flutes
3 clarinets
2 alto saxophones
2 trumpets
2 trombones
Either a tenor sax or a baritone
Either a bass clarinet, baritone saxophone or a tuba.
2 percussionists

Navigating this Wiki

There are several ways to find your way around this site. On the right side of every page is a directory of every page under the All pages tab. From there you can go directly to the wiki page included in this site. Additionally, you can search or use the tag cloud at the bottom of this page to search the site by subject. For example, if you are searching for a march, simply click on the word march below, and you will find a list of every page tagged as a march.

About the Author

Alison Hendry is a third year master's degree candidate at the American Band College of Sam Houston State University and will graduate in 2011. She received her Bachelor's degree in Music Education from Eastern Michigan University in 2005. For the past four years, Alison has been the Director of Bands in two very small school districts in Northern Michigan. She spends her mornings teaching 5th - 12th grade band for Ellsworth Community School, a district with 225 students. In the afternoon, she travels to Central Lake Public Schools, a district with 350 students. In Central Lake, she teaches 6th - 12th grade band. Under her direction, the bands in both districts have consistently achieved high ratings at district and state band festivals and have maintained participation levels of approximately 50% of the student body. Before teaching in Central Lake and Ellsworth, Alison taught band in the Baldwin Community School District, in Baldwin, MI.

When Alison is not teaching she enjoys spending time with her husband, Adam Hendry (also a band director) and her two dogs.

Interested in editing? Please contact the author at alison.hendry AT gmail DOT com